Rounding up the year with renos!

A brief word on what's been happening at the gallery in 2013.

An overdue ‘word’ from the Company Secretary.
(Image: “The Company Secretary”, Lindsay Hunt)

It’s almost the end of 2013. Can you believe it?!

We’re little more than 2 years young and it feels strangely odd, yet satisfying to see how far we’ve come in this short time. The past 12 months especially have been a time of trials, surprises and indeed, wonder.

A small gallery with hopes and dreams, in the middle of nowhere no less, is still here and doing well; much to the delight of our artists, patrons and ourselves. Our biggest challenge (how I hate that word), has been the past month or so when we have realised that we had a need to re-think our space (amongst other things).

We have embarked upon re-shaping our rear gallery space in the hope of best utilising our wall space. If I had a dollar for everyone who has walked in there proclaiming in an almost breathless fashion:
“Oh, what a lovely feel!”. Yes, it may have had so; but it has been a vexing place to hang effectively since day one. So, finally, it was time to do something about it. Make it more practical, utilitarian, and optimise what can happen back there. It needed a fresh coat of paint - literally & metaphorically.

New walls have been erected that enable not only more space, but allow a more coherent flow of vision for the viewer. We now have 2 discreet eyelines for people to enjoy. Stage one is almost complete; stage two … well it’s coming … this all takes time and money and not an inconsiderable interruption to the day to day operations here. It’s hoped that by November, the first stage will be complete; new walls, paint, electrics, illumination etc. etc. An eight seater table has been installed allowing patrons to sit and browse our website/catalogue whilst at the gallery; a fast big screened iMac is there to do your bidding. (Please remember that we have free WiFi whilst you are here, and we invite you to use your laptop/tablet/phone if you should choose to do so. We may not have mobile coverage, but we do have a fiercely fast internet available!).

A huge thank you is in order to our loyal patrons over the past 12 months - you know who you are!
An equally sincere thanks is due to our artists who have believed in us and helped to make The Channon Gallery continue and grow.

If you are one of our few thousand of Facebook followers, an enthusiastic thank you too for keeping our online presence real and invigorated - we love your contributions. And those of you who haven’t physically been here yet, a warm and open invitation exists for you to drop in; we would love to meet you.

This blog post is long overdue I realise, and it’s sobering how the sheer amount of day to day work in a gallery can easily prevent a regular post. For those of you who expected more posts recently, my apologies, and my sincere promise that this latency will be a thing of the past, again, thanks to all who keep believing in what we do and how we do it; really - thank you.

Live long and prosper.





Our thanks to local builder, Paul Willis (ph. 0439 776 241) and his assistants, Heinrich and Nigel.