Three of a Kind - Three Artists - Diverse Works

An exhibition of diverse works by three long-time friend, Soren Carlbergg, Graham Mackie and James Willebrant.
An exhibition of works by Soren CARLBERGG, Graham MACKIE & James WILLEBRANT.
5 April to 4 May, 2014

This exhibition by these three artists and friends from art school was recently shown at the Grafton Regional Gallery. We will be revising the show though, and adding works not previously shown. Different spaces demand different works to create a different experience!

The move further north in the Northern Rivers brings the exhibition closer to Soren's home here and gives us an opportunity to see the works of his mates, Graham Mackie (from the Grafton area) and James Willebrant - perhaps the most celebrated of the three due to his strong showing over the past 30-40 years in reputable galleries in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

There are very different styles from the three artists, who all went to art school together and have remained friends over the past 40 years. The works of all three are accomplished, with works on show that should appeal to a broad audience as well as individuals who like to really think about the art.

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