The Art House at Newrybar, Northern Rivers

New happenings for the visual arts in Newrybar - at The Art House.
The Art House in the historic village of Newrybar is a unique concept bringing together a comfortable holiday home and a passion for Australian contemporary Artists.

The Art house will be an ever-changing gallery of original artworks, selected and curated by The Channon Gallery to showcase quality, fine Art in a ‘liveable’ context.

Every 6-8 weeks the artworks are renewed with an open house opportunity for the public to drop in and have a look - usually over a weekend. It’s a great opportunity to contribute some cultural vitality - in a low-key, village-compatible way - to the life of Newrybar, alongside its historical buildings, the designer elements of Driftlab and the culinary delights provided by Harvest Cafe, deli and bakery!

Artworks will be mainly from three or four main Artists in a showing. There will be thematic threads throughout the whole of each display, whenever possible, but we are very conscious that the artworks also need to really suit the spaces and contribute to the comfort and also ‘wow’ factor for those who holiday there.

Exciting times in the Byron Bay hinterland!

The Art House will be launched with an open house on Saturday, 29th November. There is also a launch party will be an invitation-only private affair, raising funds to benefit the fine work of the Northern Rivers Community Foundation (NCRF). The Art House will be open to the public from Friday 28th November to Sunday, 30th November (inclusive), from 10am to 5pm. On the Saturday (29th November), opening hours will be from 10am to 3pm to allow for some organisation for the evening's event. 10% of any sales throughout this period will be donated to the NCRF.

More news will be forthcoming on the artwork to be exhibited. Featured in the art on show will be new works from Mullumbimby artist, Imbi Davidson, Stuart Cussons from Mt Burrell and Matthew Shepherd from the Gold Coast. Some pics will follow - when we get the work and take the photos!

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