"Surface Tensions" by Stuart Cussons

Launching Stuart Cussons's exhibition - "Surface Tensions". Stuart's work is a study in the minimalist approach to visual art, exhibiting both "peace" and tension in his accomplished works.
A small, but enthusiastic crowd helped us launch Stuart Cussons' "Surface Tensions" exhibition yesterday (2nd March).

The exhibition is comprised of works that continue Stuart's exploration of painting and working in 3D, with all new works made up of painted works on panel which were assembled at the gallery prior to the exhibition. The exceptions were a small work and a sculpture in steel - a 'self-portrait' with a very modern twist!

Stuart's exhibition presented us with some very bold (and large) pieces - each with its own sense of tranquility, quiet sophistication and slight tension. The works really required their own space and it was a great opportunity to pare back the gallery quite a bit and totally refresh it, following on from our summer showings of a large number of artists and their works.

Stuart's exhibition continues until the end of March. It may not be for everyone, but just about all who have seen it so far, have said how beautiful it is. We concur!

A selection of diverse works by a number of artists are on show at the rear of the gallery.

Some pics from the launch are below.