Ephemera - Art as Activator

Another look at the work of artists in the public realm - architectural projection work by current exhibiting artist at the gallery, Liam Key. Something different!
Liam uses digital media in his artwork, applying it to archival paper, canvas or buildings. The unique prints in our gallery are the former, however in the past, Liam has used light and sound to dress buildings and interiors in light and animation - carefully overlaying his projected work over the architectural detail of the building or surface. In the public realm, this serves to activate spaces and places at night and create new “centres of gravity” in otherwise marginalised spaces, as well as ‘play’ with the details of the object or building which is the subject of his intervention.

In 2010, Liam acted as a mentor/facilitator in the annual Living City Program event, teaching young people about the techniques used to map light onto buildings and surfaces in the public realm. This was part of a project to activate/animate a suburban centre in Brisbane at Stones Corner. The kids loved it, but more importantly learnt that art has a place in initiating change in a location, even by using the most fleeting of interventions to capture imagination, draw visitation and establish an ambience that could not exist otherwise.

Look at the work produced by young people in Liam’s workshop at the Living City website here: Liam Key Animation Workshop for Stones Corner. It’s obviously not as sophisticated as the work by the artist himself, but pretty amazing for a couple of hours work! It’s so wonderful to be able to engage the minds of young people in thinking about their own city’s public spaces!

Art can be the most amazing product of creative thinking. Sometimes, it is a process though ... just as amazing ...allowing us to think about and direct other things - in this case, activation of marginalised space in the built environment. There’s more to art than what you see in a gallery, but sometimes that gallery is a nexus for a whole lot of ideas and people.