Brief Musings on our First Year


Another ‘word’ from the Company Secretary.
(Image: “The Company Secretary”, Lindsay Hunt)

Almost one...

Gentle reader! Thank you for reading this.

As we approach our first birthday, I sit here somewhat amazed that we have come so far, with so many wonderful people; both artists and people who appreciate them.
Much water has flowed under the metaphoric bridge since we officially opened in July of last year and we look back in happy amazement at where we started, and how far we have come.

At our start, we were focussed on providing a venue where excellent artists could exhibit, and where their admirers could find their work. We still adamantly are!

In a less than guaranteed economic and political environment, many folk (I’m sure), viewed our venture as quixotic at best. The first few months were characterised by irrepressible enthusiasm in the face of less than ideal circumstances; some say it still is!

We have been utterly privileged to meet an astonishing array of diverse folk; both artists and people who love their work; THANK YOU! It is this very thing that gives us succor and the strength to continue.

Thanks are due as well to those of you who have taken the time to comment and constructively criticise us and offer input ... we are all learning to improve, no?

So, in order to celebrate our mutual adventures, we sincerely invite all of you to join us and our astonishing artists on Sunday July 8, at 3pm, to share our first birthday!
Please respond by RSVPing to:

To secure your place at this happy event.

Allow me to thank you all and our artists, for without you, we are nothing...

Live long & prosper!