Worlds Apart by Matthew Shepherd

The launch of Matthew Shepherd's "Worlds Apart" - a splendid exhibition of art-photography!
Matthew Shepherd's exhibition of art-photography. "Worlds Apart" was launched on Sunday, 14th December.

As with all of the gallery's launches, we had a warm and friendly crowd of on-lookers and art-lovers, including Matthew's family and friends, artists Lindsay Hunt, Susan Gourley, RJ Poole and Paul Roguszka, and art aficionados, Peter Wood from Arts Northern Rivers and Helen Creed from Serpentine Community Gallery in Lismore.

Deb and Shane from Richmond Hill sauces were there too, providing entertainment and tastings of some of their saucy offerings.

Just a few pics from the launch at the link below (click on image). There are quite a few and they take a little while to load!


Photograph: Matthew Shepherd

More on Matt's exhibition is at his exhibition page and details on his beautiful work on his Stock Room page.

This exhibition is right up there with what we feel have been our best - including those by Stuart Cussons, Sue Adler, Lindsay Hunt and AñA Wojak. The sensibilities associated with Matt's exhibition are probably closer to that of Stuart Cussons' "Surface Tensions" - very minimal and 'zen' in character with undercurrents of more meaningful and emotional engagement. We can't wait to see what Matt does next, but in the meantime there is so much to appreciate in his current body of sublime work.