There are ways of purchasing original art to make it more affordable

Buy art on lay-by.
It makes things so much more achievable.
A lot of art galleries - well the physical, non-virtual ones - usually offer a few methods to purchase art works.

There are the usual ways, like upfront payments via cash, EFT and credit card, but a way to make things more affordable is to purchase by lay-by. Typically this requires a 20% deposit and instalments made over 3 months, but sometimes terms can be extended.

The Channon Gallery offers most items on lay-by and extended terms on certain items (subject to approval) and 'home lay-by' (take-home upon payment of deposit) to approved purchasers. Shipping costs can also be stretched over an extended period, where they apply.

Some art work can be pretty pricey, depending on the artist and the size of the work, but with a median price of $880 for the art work that we exhibit here (i.e. half is under $880 and half is over), the lay-by option can really help in the acquisition of something original and special.

Anyway, it's just a thought, wherever you might view art. If you love it, there are ways that its purchase might just be possible!