New Additions to our Stock Room Artist Pages

Contextualising visual Art in a context that helps people understand scale and character. Even when viewing art in person, it can be sometimes difficult to 'place' it in one's own abode - home or work.
Just as we have been trying to improve the presentation of art work in the gallery, we continue to try to enhance the experience of viewing art on our website.

We have just started to publish some 'room simulations' of a few choice pieces of artwork from each artist to the Artist Stock Room pages to allow for a better understanding of the size and proportions of artwork and how they work with rooms when they are hung. The photos of rooms for use in this endeavour were purchased from Fotolia (Stock Photos) and are probably a bit different to the typical household, due to their minimal character. They do seem to help visualise how an artwork might actually fit (or not) into one's own abode or office, though.

We won't be posting room simulations for each artwork - just a selection to give an idea of various sizes and shapes. We've only just begun on this, so there are still quite a few artworks and artists to go!

Some examples are below.


A Soren Carlbergg piece.

A stunning work comprising panels by Stuart Cussons.

A perfect setting for this piece by Lindsay Hunt.

A quintyche by Yvonne Mills-Stanley.

A piece by Imbi Davidson.