Wishing you all the best at this special time of year

Merry Chistmas 2013 - plus musings on the year that has been.

To all who have passed through our doors, admired the work of our artists, 'liked' us on Facebook, glanced at our website and, especially, advocated for us either locally or nationally - we thank you all and wish you all a wonderful Christmas or whatever particular event you may celebrate at this time of the year. Our culture is wonderfully diverse, but equally wonderfully, the highpoint of summer (in Australia) brings people together to commune with each other, demonstrate goodwill and consider with gratitude the highlights of the year.

At The Channon Gallery, we have so much to grateful for - our artists, visitors and the people who purchase our artists' work. The place is pretty special too and there are many who continue to act as strong advocates for us and what we do here. To name just a a few Mayor of Lismore, Jenny Dowell, Councillor Isaac Smith (Lismore City Council), Peter Wood and the whole gang at Arts Northern Rivers, Brett Adlington, Director of the Lismore Regional Gallery and his staff, Mitch Lowe and Andrew Walker plus the ladies who work at Lismore & Nimbin Tourism, Kirilly Perdergast from Common Ground Byron Bay and Lismore, Simone and Liz at Elindale House B&B in Lismore, Wendy and Peter at Byron Plantation luxury self-contained accommodation, all of the crew at Apartments Inn at Byron Bay and Paula & Paul from Lakesong Pet-Friendly Accommodation at Lennox Head.

There are many more to thank as well, notwithstanding our Facebook 'likers' and people who regularly comment, share and like our posts. That's you Jenni, Anna, Natsky, Maria, Maria, Susan, Susan (not a stutter), Daniel, David, Misch, Matt, Christine, Heather, Laidy, Shirley, Leunam, Lisa, Zdenka, Virginia and Lyn. We hope you know who you all are! Just a bit reluctant to post surnames. Apologies also if we missed anyone!!

Right here in The Channon, Fiona McConnachie has been a treasure. A volunteer helper, labourer and curator, Fiona continues to bring her Arts background, humour and muscles to keep us going. We couldn't be more humbled and grateful for her input!

Finally, but certainly not in the least, are our artists. We won't name them all as they are all listed on our website - and they are all great! Marika Bryant, Lindsay Hunt, Stuart Cussons, Sue Adler, Matthew Shepherd, Susan Gourley and Soren Carlbergg have all made a difference with their friendship throughout the year and have been a real boost to our sometimes failing energy levels! Thanks also to Marika for her assistance in re-organising the gallery post-renovations ... and for lending us her husband!

The Year That's Been

At the beginning of the year, we thought that we would cut down on exhibitions so that there was one every two months. This was to give us a breather, due to the effort it takes, front and back of 'house' to mount an exhibition, plus the expenses associated with solo or duo shows, launches etc. Anyway, that all went out the window!

Some of the highlights for us this year are:
Steven Perrin's solo exhibition in March-April;
the Imbi Davidson and Tony Leitch duo show around the same time;


Stuart Cussons solo exhibition of absolutely sublime works in April-May;
a trio show of works by Annique Goldenberg, Leanne Stewart Haugh and Heather Matthew - all fantastic and so different - also in April-May;
Julie DeLorenzo's solo exhibition in July-August with works that were a huge departure (and a very welcome one) from her more well-known practice;


a solo exhibition we curated for Imbi Davidson at Arts Northern Rivers at Alstonville;


Marika Bryant and Karyn Fendley exhibiting together in August-September;
Rikki Fisher's solo exhibition, September-October, and
more recently, the Julie Corbet and Marie-lise Laviolette exhibition held over November to early December.

There were also a few group shows which allowed us to slot in a whole lot of new work and new artists. It's been great to welcome works by Kelly Sullivan, Paul Raguszka, Mitchell O'Mahoney, Dan McDonnell, Susan Gilmour, Laszlo Biro, John Thomas Turner and Steven Giese, plus continue to show works-as-they-come from our existing artists who continue to stick with us.

On a profoundly sad note, the Northern Rivers lost artist, Dawn Thirlaway to cancer. We miss her still but are lucky to have so many of her wonderful works in porcelain to view and exhibit. There was so much work from Dawn's estate to catalogue - and we aren't quite finished yet - but so much of it is now on display for everyone to appreciate. We're thinking of you Amber, and your Mum, particularly at this time of year.


Fiona McConacchie & Dawn Thirlaway

Lastly, the other big news from 2013, was that we put in some new walls, tracks and lighting in our rear gallery space. This has only really been fairly recent and we are still coping with the ramifications of altered spatial quality, but we are pretty pleased. We can finally hang more work - plus smaller work - out the back without it being lost in the void that it was.

Stop by and have a look soon! New exhibitions are just underway (check out the EXHIBITIONS page) and there's a lot of new work.

In the meantime, 'Happy Holidays', stay safe and we look forward to engaging with you in 2014.