A sense of spendour -3 Decades - AñA Wojak

Celebrating over three decades of making art by AñA Wojak - and this is just the visual arts side of this amazing artist's work!

Our formal exhibition programme so far this year has been very diverse and focussed on presenting quality work by local and not-so-local artists. So far we have exhibited amazingly sublime works by Stuart Cussons and a group show of works by Soren Carlbergg, Graham Mackie and James Willebrant - all of high quality and very different to exhibitions elsewhere in Northern Rivers.

Our current exhibition is the first survey that we have done of an artist's visual arts career. Yet again, it is something very different in content to anything we have seen before - or exhibited before.

The work of AñA Wojak covers a period of just over three decades and explores an arts practice that is rooted very much in her eastern European origins, her relationship or exposure to religion, her interests in eroticism and her environment, and her artistic inspirations, drawn from many quarters including the abstract expressionists of the 1960s and later, including Mark Rothko.

Curatorially, there was not so much of a selection process, other than limiting too much repetition and endeavouring to use as many works as possible that covered AñA's career. It was very important, however, to present the work of the artist - not so much in a chronological way - but in the best way to present her work and give in to the splendour that her work evokes.

The word, "splendour", is not something that we would normally attribute to our exhibitions, no matter how beautiful they are. With AñA's exhibition though, the sum of the various parts add up to something that is indeed splendid. There is a richness and unique texture across the exhibition that comes from her use of metals, gold-leaf, rich oils and recycled timbers. There is boldness to her figurative works and a softness to her assemblage - and a haunting, luminous beauty to her abstractions on steel.

There is nothing in this exhibition that has been executed on canvas or linen, and the alternative "materiality" conjures an exhibition that indeed evokes splendour ... even awe.

The parts of the whole are worth looking at too, of course, and represent clear artistic attitudes and practice at various points in the artist's career.

It's really very interesting. To see a 'journey' and an evolution of artistic thinking is really quite special for anyone interested in art.

It's a very special exhibition, indeed - both the parts and the sum of the parts!

AñA's artistic practice continues - hopefully for a few more decades yet!

For complete works available by the artist, please look in our STOCK ROOM. Photos from the exhibition are available by clicking on the image below.