Sarah Jane Stuart

"I was born in Manchester in England. I learnt about art at school and at Red Inc.

When I’m making my art I feel very chilled out, I find it very relaxing and fulfilling to create. The aim of my art is to try and capture the colours of life. I am very inspired by Indian art, artists of the past like Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gough and Turner. I love the impressionists. My spirituality also inspires my art." Sarah Jane Stuart, 2014
"When making jewellery I feel relaxed and chilled out. I enjoy the bonding time that I get to have with my friends in the jewellery making group.

In this design I am expressing a timeless elegance combined with a contemporary jewellery making style.

This piece is made from stones, fresh water pearls, and crystal beads. The technique I have chosen is a multi-strand necklace that can be worn as a fashionable collar of wearable art.
" Sarah Jane Stuart, 2014
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Sarah Jane Stuart
Cleopatra Necklace

$ 120

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