Noele Karter

"I was born in Lismore in 1988. I learnt about art in year ten, in galleries and in the Red Inc studio. Christo and Russell Morris (the real thing) are artists I like.

Colours that are in your face, expressing my feelings this is the message in my art, moods and me, make up, the people I love, butterfly’s, flowers, funny dogs, rat bags, colours, my book of stencils and holidays all inspire me to make art.

When I make art I feel happy, content, excited and love. The mediums I like to work with are pencil, acrylic paint and collage." Noele Karter, 2014
©2011-2014 The Channon Gallery
Noele Karter
My Man

Acrylic on canvas
26 x 21cm

$ 150

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